Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Michelle Obama efines "Food Deserts"

What are Food Deserts? Well, Michelle Obama defines what food deserts are and how they affect our children. This was posted by Take a look.

Video will not embed, so click on this link to see it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's Move! Michelle Obama's Childhood Obesity Initiative

The plan has been launched. Visit the site - Let's Move. Let's help our kids live healthier lives.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Can we talk about our children's weight?


It continues to be a sore spot about Michelle Obama talking about her Sasha and Malia's weight and changing up their diets. I recently read in Yahoo! Shine that many people feel that Mrs. Obama was wrong or "misguided" for talking about her daughter's weight on a national platform. Mira Jacob of Yahoo! Shine wrote an interesting article, called , "Is it okay to talk about your daughters' weight if it's for the national good." She provided view points from both sides of the coin.

Here's my thought, from day one Michelle Obama has said that first she is mom. Above all else she is Mom-in-Chief. If she sees that her children are picking up some unhealthy habits and the evidence of such is starting to show in the waistline than I think that is highly appropriate to bring it to the forefront now. Better now, than when the girls are overweight and self-concsious about it.

We are making too big of a deal about her revealing to America how she handled the issue. Some felt that her talking about the girls' weight might spur eating disorders. That was a little overboard. I'm confident that Michelle knows her children well enough to know if this issue would damage their self esteem.

I applaud Michelle, because we need to have responsible, compassionate conversations about childhood obesity. We also need to learn how to address these types of issues with our children so that we build up their self-esteem. As parents, we need to address weight issues with our children early on and move swiftly to make changes so that our kids don't deal with a lifetime of weight problems. Mothers, like me, who has an overweight child, need a trailblazer to lead the way in fighting this battle. I'm glad that Michelle has taken on this initiative and setting the example. *Photo courtesy of Loeb/Getty

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Michelle Obama's Fight Against Childhood Obesity

I am so excited to see that one of the First Lady's initiatives is going to be eradicating childhood obesity. One of my son's is just like his Dad, he loves, loves, loves to eat. But, for a while there was not any follow up of physical activity. Just video games and snacks and, I am totally to blame for that.

I got the message when I discovered that my 11 year old weighed more than my 16 year old. So, I eliminated "seconds" and signed him up for basketball. I just made little changes on my own, and I am starting to see small changes. So, I can't wait to see what FLOTUS has in store with her national campaign. Take a look @ the video as she announces her fight.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Michelle Obama's SOTU dress

Michelle Obama SOTU dress

FLOTUS was flawless at the SOTU in her violet ensemble. The dress was designed by Issac Mizrahi. There are mixed reviews, but I thought the dress really complimented her shape as well as her height. It was a fun dress with a bubble skirt. It retails for $1850 in the Mizrahi Fall Collection. A bit out of my price range, but dead-on choice, nonetheless. The single strand of pearls set the dress off, too. The only thing I missed were her shoes . . .

> >Read more about it here.

Photo: Mark Wilson, Getty Images

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trail Blazer Blog is back on track!!!

FLOTUS Slide Show After a loonnng pregnancy and an even longer recovery, Trail Blazer is back on track. I will also will be posting on Michelle Obama Watch once a week starting Monday, Feb 1st. My weekly posts will appear on Mondays. Let's kick this thing off with a wonderful slide show of FLOTUS in action! I am very happy to be back and doing what I love! Stay posted for my blogs on FLOTUS!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sasha is a Trailblazer, Too!

PhotobucketNot only does Michelle Obama set trends, it looks like her youngest baby girl is a trend-setter in her own right. Apparently, Sasha has started a fad in Washington DC of the lovely,plush-toy key chain, called Uglydoll, created by Pretty Ugly, LLC. Her little fella is called Babo's Bird. Please don't ask me what a Babo's Bird is, but this little fella and plenty of cousins are leaping off the shelves. It's just apart of the "Obama-Effect." I kinda think of it as the midas touch. Read all about it @ The Daily Beast in an article by Kathleen Parker, called, "How Sasha Obama Triggered a Hot Washington Fad."

*Photosource: L to R, Pretty Ugly, LLC ; Reuters