Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marian Robinson in the White House?

I am all for it. I just read an interesting article titled "Grannies Take Top Jobs at White House" in the Washington Times. From Marian Robinson (Michelle Obama's mother) to Catherine Biden (Joe Biden's mother) to Dorothy Rodham (Hillary Clinton's mother) to Sugar Mama (my mother-in-law), Americans are moving back to multi-generational homes, no pun intended. Now, my wonderful mother-in-law is just with us temporarily, but the aforementioned grandmothers either will be moving in with their children or already have taken residence. I think it is great for families and especially for the children. There are many benefits that can be gained from a multi-generational household - from companionship, fair distribution of chores, safe babysitting, great meals, wisdom and maybe even financial. Yeah, I know that there has to boundaries. But, as long as the families set the boundaries and agree to respect them, then this is a recipe for a delicious dessert. I am all for it!! Sasha and Malia will have their Grandma and their parents. The stability for those little girls is just amazing. What are your thoughts?

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