Wednesday, November 26, 2008

MIchelle Covers Newsweek

There is just something classic about a good black and white photo. I am on my way to pick up this issue. I hope that the article is just as good as the cover.
One of my favorite journalists, Allison Samuels has an article in this issue as well, "What Michelle Means to Us". Read it online. I will blog on the article and Allison's article a little later. If you read it before I do, let me know what you think.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Michelle chooses School and Chief of Staff

As Obama is doing his thing and forming his cabinet with the appointment of Treasury Secretary - Timothy Geithner according to, Mrs. Obama is busy forming her own "cabinet". According to the Iowa Independent, she has named Jackie Norris as Chief of Staff.

Says, Iowa Independent, "Norris worked as a scheduler in Vice President Al Gore’s office, and she and her husband, John, have been involved in Iowa Democratic politics for years. In 2000, she was Gore’s political director in Iowa, and in 1998 she was former Gov. Tom Vilsack’s finance director. She has also taught high school government and history classes."

And the verdict is in . . . Sasha and Malia will be attending Sidwell Friends School, a private school run by Quakers. This accomplished school was attended by Chelsea Clinton and Joe Biden's granddaughters currently attend. I guess we know who will be attending the Sasha-Malia sleepovers in the Whitehouse.

Everything's coming together quite nicely.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Michelle and Barack on 60 minutes

I thought that this was a great interview by Steve Kroft of 60 minutes with Michelle and Barack Obama. President-Elect Obama answered Steve's questions in a way that spoke to his steadfast demeanor. I especially liked the interaction between Michelle and Barack. It showed them as the couple next door. They have an amazing chemistry and a real connection. You also get a glimpse of the programs that may be executed by Michelle. She talked about military families, work-life balance and she mentioned possible work with the D.C. public schools. I think programs to improve D.C.'s public school systems would be outstanding. She could definitely make a significant contribution. I also liked how Obama showed reverence for Mrs. Marian Robinson, his mother-in-law. When asked if Mrs. Robinson would be moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave with the family, He made it clear, he did not tell this mother-in-law what do to! Watch it foryourself!

Friday, November 14, 2008

What Michelle Can Teach us

I read a wonderful article today on by Allison Samuels, titled, "What Michelle Can Teach us." It pretty much confirmed my previous blog about the women on Broadminded attempting to nickname her "Blackie-O." I think that white and other non-black journalists will be challenged to write about Michelle Obama in a way that captures who she really is without compromise. Of course, it is not impossible for a non-black journalist to write cogent literature on our First Lady To Be, but there will be some mistakes made along the way. Hopefully, journalists will write articles that honor the facts and not pepper them with racial undertones, but am I just being too optimistic?

In Allison's compelling article, she draws a sharp distinction among the majority of Black women that make up this great nation and stereotypical Black women portrayed in the media.
Black women are not just limited to superstar celebrities, sexed up reality stars or welfare queens. There are more "Claire Huxtables" out there than you can imagine. They just don't always make it to the media for the masses to see..... BUT NOW, we have First Lady Michelle Obama who will be showcased on the a grand stage. She will epitomize how most Black Women conduct themselves, care for their children, love their husbands keep the do tight and dress with style and panache. And I haven't even touched on her intelligence and business acumen. We'll leave that for another blog.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is CRAZY!!!!

I am trying to claim my blog with Technorati and I have to post this code. Here goes! You know technology is cool, but sometimes it's a pain in the #!$*.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nickname - Blackie-O????

I was not going to blog today because I had some other things to do tonight, but I absolutely had to comment on something I heard today. I was listening to "Broadminded" on XM radio today and caught a clip of Kyra Phillips drawing similarities of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Michelle Obama. And someone said, (I could not tell if it was one of The Broads or if it was Kyra AND this is not an exact quote) "We had a Jackie-O and now I guess we have a Blackie-O" Wow.

I thought about this and came to the conclusion that there is no way that these women would know how incredibly sensitive most Black women would be to being called Blackie. Now, I can appreciate the homage to Jackie-O and recognize the lame attempt at a joke, but . . . Blackie-O? Not cool. not cool at all. Ladies, come up with something else and think before you speak.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What type of First Lady will Michelle be?

Michelle is a Princeton grad and Harvard educated lawyer. She held a high level position at the University of Chicago Medical Center prior to Barack's historic run for the White House. She is a wife that loves and supports her husband and she is mom that fiercely protects her girls. I think she needs a "S" on her chest. Talk about balance. Wow! I'm tired just talking about it.

Her sense of style has been compared to iconic Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Her professional prowess has been compared to power broker Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her deliberate, rational mannerisms have been compared to steel magnolia Laura Bush. That is quite a playbill. I think that she is a modest composite of all three of these great former First Ladies, but more importantly, Michelle Obama is her own woman.

She is still distinctively unique and will make an indelible mark on a long, storied history of First Ladies that have come before her. There is no doubt in my mind that Michelle will be a trailblazer. As First Lady, she will set programmatic trends, fashion trends and lifestyle trends that will be talked about, studied, and imitated for years to come.
*Photo provided by by Joyce N. Boghosian courtesy of White House Press Release

Monday, November 10, 2008

Private School or Public School

Today the media reports that Michelle (I feel weird using her first name) I feel like I should say Mrs. Obama or First Lady, show some respect, you know what I mean? But, I digress. The media reports that Michelle visited a couple of schools today for her lovely daughters, Sasha and Malia. The schools on the radar are Sidwell Friends School , Maret School and Georgetown Day. There may even be a consideration of Public Schools, Francis-Stevens in Washington DC is at the top of the list. Everyone has been weighing in about whether Sasha and Malia should attend public and private school and the political statements that could be made if they attend Public School. Personally, I think that this is a private decision. The same way that no one should be able to come into your house and tell you which schools your kids should go to, extend the Obamas the same courtesy. And I certainly don't think that Sasha and Malia will be used to make a statement of any sort. Trust, that neither Barack nor Michelle would ever do such a thing.

Remember, Michelle is the self-proclaimed "Mom-in-Chief". She is stalwart when it comes to her baby girls. Their safety is paramount. Especially in an environment where The First Family can be targets. I support whatever decision Michelle makes were the girls are concerned. She is their best guardian. And don't forget that Grandmom, Mrs. Robinson, is 2nd in command!