Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nickname - Blackie-O????

I was not going to blog today because I had some other things to do tonight, but I absolutely had to comment on something I heard today. I was listening to "Broadminded" on XM radio today and caught a clip of Kyra Phillips drawing similarities of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Michelle Obama. And someone said, (I could not tell if it was one of The Broads or if it was Kyra AND this is not an exact quote) "We had a Jackie-O and now I guess we have a Blackie-O" Wow.

I thought about this and came to the conclusion that there is no way that these women would know how incredibly sensitive most Black women would be to being called Blackie. Now, I can appreciate the homage to Jackie-O and recognize the lame attempt at a joke, but . . . Blackie-O? Not cool. not cool at all. Ladies, come up with something else and think before you speak.

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Gaynelle Lowery said...

Yes, this comment was out of line and I agree with you one hundred gazillion (not sure if this is a word) percent. People really need to think before they speak.