Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What type of First Lady will Michelle be?

Michelle is a Princeton grad and Harvard educated lawyer. She held a high level position at the University of Chicago Medical Center prior to Barack's historic run for the White House. She is a wife that loves and supports her husband and she is mom that fiercely protects her girls. I think she needs a "S" on her chest. Talk about balance. Wow! I'm tired just talking about it.

Her sense of style has been compared to iconic Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Her professional prowess has been compared to power broker Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her deliberate, rational mannerisms have been compared to steel magnolia Laura Bush. That is quite a playbill. I think that she is a modest composite of all three of these great former First Ladies, but more importantly, Michelle Obama is her own woman.

She is still distinctively unique and will make an indelible mark on a long, storied history of First Ladies that have come before her. There is no doubt in my mind that Michelle will be a trailblazer. As First Lady, she will set programmatic trends, fashion trends and lifestyle trends that will be talked about, studied, and imitated for years to come.
*Photo provided by by Joyce N. Boghosian courtesy of White House Press Release

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