Monday, November 17, 2008

Michelle and Barack on 60 minutes

I thought that this was a great interview by Steve Kroft of 60 minutes with Michelle and Barack Obama. President-Elect Obama answered Steve's questions in a way that spoke to his steadfast demeanor. I especially liked the interaction between Michelle and Barack. It showed them as the couple next door. They have an amazing chemistry and a real connection. You also get a glimpse of the programs that may be executed by Michelle. She talked about military families, work-life balance and she mentioned possible work with the D.C. public schools. I think programs to improve D.C.'s public school systems would be outstanding. She could definitely make a significant contribution. I also liked how Obama showed reverence for Mrs. Marian Robinson, his mother-in-law. When asked if Mrs. Robinson would be moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave with the family, He made it clear, he did not tell this mother-in-law what do to! Watch it foryourself!

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