Friday, November 14, 2008

What Michelle Can Teach us

I read a wonderful article today on by Allison Samuels, titled, "What Michelle Can Teach us." It pretty much confirmed my previous blog about the women on Broadminded attempting to nickname her "Blackie-O." I think that white and other non-black journalists will be challenged to write about Michelle Obama in a way that captures who she really is without compromise. Of course, it is not impossible for a non-black journalist to write cogent literature on our First Lady To Be, but there will be some mistakes made along the way. Hopefully, journalists will write articles that honor the facts and not pepper them with racial undertones, but am I just being too optimistic?

In Allison's compelling article, she draws a sharp distinction among the majority of Black women that make up this great nation and stereotypical Black women portrayed in the media.
Black women are not just limited to superstar celebrities, sexed up reality stars or welfare queens. There are more "Claire Huxtables" out there than you can imagine. They just don't always make it to the media for the masses to see..... BUT NOW, we have First Lady Michelle Obama who will be showcased on the a grand stage. She will epitomize how most Black Women conduct themselves, care for their children, love their husbands keep the do tight and dress with style and panache. And I haven't even touched on her intelligence and business acumen. We'll leave that for another blog.

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