Friday, November 21, 2008

Michelle chooses School and Chief of Staff

As Obama is doing his thing and forming his cabinet with the appointment of Treasury Secretary - Timothy Geithner according to, Mrs. Obama is busy forming her own "cabinet". According to the Iowa Independent, she has named Jackie Norris as Chief of Staff.

Says, Iowa Independent, "Norris worked as a scheduler in Vice President Al Gore’s office, and she and her husband, John, have been involved in Iowa Democratic politics for years. In 2000, she was Gore’s political director in Iowa, and in 1998 she was former Gov. Tom Vilsack’s finance director. She has also taught high school government and history classes."

And the verdict is in . . . Sasha and Malia will be attending Sidwell Friends School, a private school run by Quakers. This accomplished school was attended by Chelsea Clinton and Joe Biden's granddaughters currently attend. I guess we know who will be attending the Sasha-Malia sleepovers in the Whitehouse.

Everything's coming together quite nicely.

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