Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ann Coulter Needs a Hug

I read an article today, "Ann Coulter Rips on Michelle Obama's Fashion Sense in Latest Book." What do you do with a person that is hateful, mean-spirited and just plain pathetic? You pray for 'em and if you can get to them, give them a hug. Ann, you need some counseling. Where you teased as a child? Your attack on Michelle's sense of style and the snide remarks made about Barack are juvenile and unnecessary. Michelle is her own person. She has no need to imitate any of the former First Ladies or anyone else for that matter. I know you have to write the books that appeal to your audience so that you can make a buck, but go stir up trouble somewhere else. The majority of women in America appreciate Michelle's sensible style and can relate to her. You dear, are the minority. Your whack sense of humor does not come off very well. Instead, you sound like the dejected high school girl that was not voted homecoming queen. So, please grow up and spend your time writing about something worthwhile.

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